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What is an Assistance Dog?

An Assistance Dog is a dog specifically trained to assist a person with disabilities, thus affording the person a much improved quality of life and a measure of independance.

Dogs are taught a wide variety of tasks including :-

  • Turning light switches on and off.
  • Opening and closing doors and gates.
  • Picking up dropped items (e.g. books, clothing, portable telephones etc.).
  • Helping to remove clothing.
  • Summoning assistance if their owner is in distress.

Other tasks can be taught as required.

Other significant benefits are:-

  • Companionship
  • Sense of safety
  • Independance

Qualifying for an Assistance Dog

A person with a physical disability can apply for a dog using our Application Kit. We assess each case individually and potential clients are carefully screened with regard as to whether, because of the nature of their disability, they would benefit from an Assistance Dog and be able to ensure that the dog receives adequate care.