Max – a dog of many talents


Let us introduce you to Max, a yellow Labrador with extraordinary talents.  Max has several jobs at all of which he excels.  Firstly he is a PR dog for ASDOGS.      He goes on Community Education trips and demonstrates his skills that assist people with disabilities.  He takes shoes and socks off, he opens and closes doors, he turns light switches on and off  and he will put a card into an ATM and then collect the money    -      (no— he doesn’t punch in the numbers!) 

He plays to the audience and loves applause—His nickname is “HOLLYWOOD”.

Secondly, just so Max won’t have a chance to get bored, he spends two days per week in the Multi Learning Centre at Mareeba State High School and two days per week at the Mareeba State Primary School Student Support Services Department.

Max helps the children in all sorts of subtle ways.   He’s just a big, warm, cuddly, trusting, uncritical friend to all the children and the teachers are amazed at the positive results they are getting.  Every school should have a Max!  Just make sure you turn any electric doors off because it only took Max a day or two to work out exactly where to sit to make the door open, and then he could go and visit ALL the children at  School—not just the ones in the Multi Learning Centre.