Marg and Charlie

Marg and Charlie

My name is Charlie and I look after Margaret Thomas.

I came to the family directly from weaning as a family pet.

Marg’s husband brought me into the home in 2005 to provide a 24/7 companion and an exercise option for Marg, who suffers severe depression and needed to be active, also needing support . 

After extensive enquiries, where most organisations would not entertain a private dog to be trained up for registration, Marg & husband moved to Dimbulah and met Liz from Asdogs.

Liz offered the option to assist with and supervise training for me and accreditation came about a year later.

I am Marg’s constant companion and go everywhere Marg does.

I enjoy a special place in the Thomas household.  My friendly personality endears me to most people which is great because I do enjoy meeting people.