Larraine and Matty

Larraine and Matty

I met Matty when he was 10 weeks old—he was a big “boof head” puppy with a personality of his own.  My grandson Caleb taught him to close a door that same day.    

I knew from that moment that he was special!

Matty went to a puppy walker but when things didn’t work out,  I was given the opportunity to educate him, from when he was six months old.

From the start he never ceased to amaze me.  He only needed to be shown how to do something a couple of times for him to know what to do.   All he wanted to do was learn and to please.   He became a perfect assistance dog for someone in a wheelchair.  When he was nine months old,  we were in Tolga looking after my daughter’s property.  Matty was in the yard playing with the other dogs.  I am diabetic and that day had a bad dizzy spell.   Matty pushed through the screen door and pushed me to a chair and lay at my feet making it impossible for me to get up.   He stayed there until the dizzy spell passed and I felt right again, after which, he went outside to play! 

Over the next year or so he learned more and more becoming better and better with his training.   He still keeps an eye on me letting me know if I’m getting too stressed or if my sugar levels are too high.    Today Matt is my constant companion, with me day and night.   I felt guilty when Matt was offered to me by the Association.  I had trained him to help others and yet he was offered to me because of my disability.

I thank ASDOGS, for he is a big help to me…My diabetes is not improving as to date but I have my best friend to fetch, carry, alert me for my sugars and generally is there to look after me.  

I have no reflexes in my ankles and I am unsteady on my feet.  If I fall to the ground he is there to brace and help me up.  

I love you and thank you Matty.   You will always be my friend