Jason and Max

Jason with Max

Turning 11 in Nov., 2005, Jason had an early birthday present in the form of Assistance Dog, Max, a chocolate brown Labrador, who had spent the previous two years in training to help people like Jason, with special needs.

 Born with Sturge- Weber Syndrome, a rare syndrome that affects h is brain, causing  seizures and mild paralysis to his left side, the Year 5 Heatley PrImary school student has been what his grandmother describes as a “real battler”.   He also  has glaucoma and has had a number of operations to help reduce damage to his sight.

 Jason is just so tickled to have  the dog especially when Max plays tugger and ball with him and his brother, Brandon.

When Max has his jacket on he knows he’s working and he has his own seatbelt, so he can go out in public with his master.

 He will pick up things for Jason, carry them for him and he can take Jason’s shoes and socks off for him.   Also, Max can help Jason to climb up and down stairs and by now Jason and Max would have developed a strong bond between them, so that Jason depends on Max to be his constant companion.

It was love at first sight when Jason and Max met – Max had no qualms in discarding his old family for his new one and there was an immediate bond between the two.    This looks like a lifelong team!!!!!